Young-Holt Unlimited — Soulful Strut

After being part of the “in” crowd for several years, the rhythm section of Red Holt (dr) and Eldee Young (bs) left Ramsey Lewis’ popular trio in 1966 to form their own group, first called the Young-Holt Trio, later changed to the Young-Holt Unlimited.  They made several records, their most successful being the title track of 1968’s “Soulful Strut”.

While researching this I was surprised to find that it’s the rhythm track for their labelmate Barbra Acklin’s single “Am I the Same Girl”.  The vocal was removed and piano was put in it’s place as the lead.  It’s likely that Brunswick’s regular session musicians–Bernard Reed (bs) and Quinton Joseph (dr)–were playing on the track, not Holt and Young. (Details: Brunswick BL 754144)

Young-Holt Unlimited — Soulful Strut

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