Wes Montgomery — Boss Guitar

Wes Montgomery’s 1963 organ trio date, Boss Guitar, released towards the end of a 6-year run of records for the Riverside label, is well worth checking out.  Wes was in fine form and he’s joined by Mel Rhyne on organ and the always excellent Jimmy Cobb on drums.

I believe this is the original mono pressing with the blue deepgroove label.  I also included a long excerpt from a 1970’s stereo Japanese reissue (SMJ-6111).  Both versions sound good to me, and the stereo reissue is more open and airy sounding, but the power of the original mono wins for me.

(Details: Riverside RM 459/blue deepgroove label/Bill Grauer Prod Inc. NYC)

Wes Montgomery — Fried Pies (mono original)

Wes Montgomery — Fried Pies (excerpt from stereo Japanese reissue)

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  1. dottorjazz says:

    I haven’t got the time to check Riverside labels yet.
    there are many differences in labels and covers (address) as diameter, presence of INC.
    I hope someone will do that some time as for Blue Note.

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