The Young Rascals (self titled)

A while back I found clean early stereo pressings of three Young Rascals albums at a local record shop.  This self titled LP was the groups first, released in March 1966 shortly after their #1 single “Good Lovin'”.  I’m glad to have nice copies of this stuff–I grew up hearing their hits all the time, and it’s been great to revisit them and dig into the album cuts.  Classic stuff….

(Details: Atlantic SD 8123 stereo)

The Young Rascals — Good Lovin’

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2 Responses to The Young Rascals (self titled)

  1. Tony says:

    Wonderful music of course, but those outfits haven’t dated well, have they.
    Looks like I’ll be pulling out my (Young) Rascals albums and having a marathon listen.

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