The Three Sounds — Good Deal

The Three Sounds are a little laid-back for some jazz listeners, and I can understand that for sure.  It may lack some fire at times, but the group made soulful, swinging records as far as I’m concerned–I’m a fan.  Additionally, they often sound excellent and the musicianship is impeccable.  1959’s Blue Note LP Good Deal is a great example of the groups work and an excellent place to start if you’ve never checked them out.  Check out pianist Gene Harris’ slow blues “Down The Track” below…

This is a first pressing with the W.63rd labels.  The cover is super clean, but the vinyl shows a fair amount of wear.  It’s still enjoyable, but I’ll be looking for a so-so cover/clean vinyl copy to combine with this one and end up with a really clean first pressing for both cover and vinyl.

(Details: Blue Note BLP 4020 mono/47W.63rd NYC/deepgroove x2/RVG/”p”)

The Three Sounds — Down The Track

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