The Rolling Stones — Now!

I picked this up a couple years ago at a record shop.  I was optimistic in judging the condition and slightly overpaid, but I’m glad I picked it up–I don’t see mono Rolling Stones LPs in stores with any regularity.  I’ve seen some conflicting information, but it looks like this “unboxed”, maroon deepgroove label could be the first USA pressing for this release.

1965’s Now! has been a nice addition to the collection.  I’ve always liked Sticky Fingers and Exile On Main Street era Stones, and that’s what I know the best, but it’s been great digging into this early stuff with the R&B and Blues covers.

(Details: London LL 3420 mono/deepgroove/1D-1B matrix)

Rolling Stones — Everybody Needs Somebody To Love (mono)

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