The Band (self titled)

This record significantly shaped what I want out of rock and roll, songwriting, and ensemble playing.  I’ve listened to it innumerable times, but every time I revisit it I hear something new.  It’s a soulful and iconic record from top to bottom, right down to photo on the cover, and for me, a high point in popular music.

I don’t know much about Capitol pressings, but I’ve seen this label called a first pressing.  I suspect that if not a first, it’s at least an early one.  I have never seen this LP in a shop, so I went online for it.  It ended up a little overpriced and a little overgraded, but it’s a solid copy and will do until I fork it out for a pristine one.  A small price to pay for such a classic…

(Details: Capitol STAO 132)

The Band — King Harvest

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3 Responses to The Band (self titled)

  1. Gosh this is a time-travel experience. The Band. Bob Dylan’s supporting group as I recall. Used to have a number of their records at the time, unfortunately had to say goodbye to them along with the ex to who took them with her. Dividing up a music collection is the hardest part of breaking up. (Must be a song in there somewhere).

    • vinyltim says:

      I think there is a song in there….
      Pick this or Music From Big Pink up if you see them–great stuff–embrace the time-travel!

  2. dottorjazz says:

    dividing up your/my/anyone’s music collection?
    no, that’s out of discussion.
    I didn’t divide a 7″.
    Divided almost all the other stuff, not records.

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