The Association — Greatest Hits

After the previous Cal Tjader post it occurred to me that I had an Association record….so here is the original version of “Never My Love”.  It was recorded and released in 1967 and reached #2 on the charts.  Originally on their album “Insight Out”, this is from their Greatest Hits LP, which came out the following year.  (Details: Warner Bros. WS 1767 green label/first pressing)



The Association — Never My Love

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  1. Bruce Bremer says:

    I remember the Association playing a noon concert in our high school gym, around 1968-69 thereabouts.

  2. I LOVE “Never My Love”. It’s right up there with “Ooh Child” and “Windy”. Seriously badass pop music, from back when even the squarest stuff swung just a LITTLE bit. Sigh…

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