Tal Farlow Quartet

This is one of the coolest 10″ LP’s I have–Tal Farlow’s first record for Blue Note, recorded in April 1954.  He played with such speed, fluidity, and melodicism, I can’t imagine what it sounded like to listeners at that time.  It’s pretty amazing, particularly when you consider the context of it. This was early times for the electric guitar and very early in it’s development in jazz.

It was hard to choose a track, the whole record is great, but I went with the opener, a burning version of Rogers and Hart’s “Lover”.  Tal is joined by Don Arnone (gt), Clyde Lombardi (bs), and Joe Morello (dr). (Details: Blue Note BLP 5042/10″ LP/767 Lex Ave./DG/”p”)

Tal Farlow – Lover

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2 Responses to Tal Farlow Quartet

  1. dottorjazz says:

    Dig it a lot: wanna sell or trade?

    • vinyltim says:

      Tempting–but I like this one a lot–I’ll think it over.
      I’ll be sending you some pics as well for your BN guide–I got a Bechet (10″) 7001

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