Stanley Turrentine — Rough ‘N Tumble

Rough ‘N Tumble  is right in my wheelhouse — an excellent group led by one of my favorite tenor players, Stanley Turrentine, that also includes Grant Green (gt), who I can’t seem to get enough of lately.  This 1966 session walks the line between straight ahead and soul jazz styles.  It opens strongly with “And Satisfy”, a hard grooving shuffle, that sets the mood nicely for the whole album.  There are some nice arrangements of pop and r&b tunes that work well with the group and don’t sound trite or watered down.  In addition to Turrentine and Green, the group includes Blue Mitchell (tp), James Spaulding (as), Pepper Adams (bs), McCoy Tyner (p), Bob Cranshaw (p), and Mickey Roker (dr).

This is a pretty clean original stereo pressing with the blue and white Liberty label.  It a nice mix and pressing that sounds open and engaging to me.  I also have a original mono pressing that’s in slightly worse condition, but I haven’t listened to that one as much or compared them yet.

(Details: Blue Note BST 84240/Liberty/Van Gelder)

Stanley Turrentine — And Satisfy

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2 Responses to Stanley Turrentine — Rough ‘N Tumble

  1. Pepper Adams, yo, you sneaked that in. Lovely line up, must be good. This was only ever a no-ear pressing, so Liberty counts as original. Nice to do an A:B mono stereo torture test, see which you actually prefer.

    • vinyltim says:

      It’s a good group and groovy, affordable LP. I need to clean the other copy and put them side by side–will report back.

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