Sonny Rollins — Way Out West

1957’s Way Out West features Sonny Rollins leading a piano-less trio with musicians he had never worked with before–Ray Brown and Shelly Manne.  The lack of a chord instrument was a bold move that Rollins used for the first time here and continued to use on occasion.  It’s a varied and great feeling record, and it’s nice to hear these great musicians with so much space.  It also sounds wonderful, which certainly doesn’t hurt…

I think this is an early, but not first, pressing.  It’s got the correct yellow deepgroove label, but not the tri-color back cover that I’ve seen attributed to the first pressing.

(Details: Contemporary C3530 mono/yellow deepgroove label/D3-D4 matrix)

Sonny Rollins — Way Out West

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6 Responses to Sonny Rollins — Way Out West

  1. Chad Giroux says:

    Nice album Tim! If you enjoyed the pianoless vibe, check out some early Max Roach quintet. Basically 3 horns, bass and drums. One of my favorite groups was his quintet with the Turrentine brothers, Julian Priester and Bob Boswell. Try Parisian Sketches…

    Chad (poppachubby)

    • vinyltim says:

      Thanks a lot, I’ll look for that. I’ve also checked out some Jimmy Giuffre 3 lately, cool pianoless trio, although none on vinyl yet.

  2. Good Choice! Took me a long time to get Sonny’s sense of irony with the whole cowboy/standards thing. Pressing sure looks original – one of these days you are going to have to add a shot of the engravings in the deadwax. As regards the tri-colour, its not known to me with our Contemporary Vogue European pressing. I doubt anyone could hear any difference.

    • vinyltim says:

      Thanks—we can compare notes on the deadwax with Contemporary pressings. That, along with the cover details, and we may be able to figure this thing out.

  3. dottorjazz says:

    great record, indeed first pressing has 3 color back; tonight gonna check my engravings.
    rumors in the past have tried to identify Contemporary first pressings by engravings: no one could achieve a definite answer. it should be interesting to compare all our Contemporary to make more light.
    I’ve some tri color covers, as this one, but I’ve never checked engravings. let’s start?

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