Shelly Manne/Bill Evans — Empathy

Shelly Manne and Bill Evans co-lead this excellent 1962 session for Verve.  Joined by bassist Monty Budwig, the trio plays a breezy set that, to me, has a relaxed and swinging focus that’s different from Evans’ regular trio.  I enjoy his trio of that era, but Shelly Manne’s approach, perhaps combined with the excitement of a new combo, yielded these great results.

(Details: Verve V6-8497 stereo/deepgroove MGM-era label)

Shelly Manne/Bill Evans — Let’s Go Back To The Waltz

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6 Responses to Shelly Manne/Bill Evans — Empathy

  1. Tony says:

    When people ask why I prefer vinyl over digital, I’ll play this for them. Incredible sound and 50 years old to boot.

    • vinyltim says:

      Nice choice. Great music and sonics without being super-pricey. Any others you reach for in terms of sonics?

  2. martin says:

    Oh, this is lovely, thanks for posting : )

  3. Tony says:

    Yes, the mono Rubber Soul…

    • vinyltim says:

      Another excellent choice. That and “Revolver” are my favorites. I only have US stereo copies of each–maybe I’ll pop for a nice UK Parlophone one day…

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