Persuasive Percussion

It covers a lot of ground and I’ve heard it called a lot of things–exotica, space-pop, bachelor pad, spy jazz–and it was released on several labels–Command, Project 3, United Artists, and many others.  This mostly instrumental audiophile/hi-fi/light jazz/cocktail party music of the late 50’s to late 60’s is killer.  Whatever it is, I like it and I can’t get enough.

The Command label was one the front runners in this style, and this is a first pressing of their first release.  They were aiming at audiophiles, hi-fi enthusiasts, and people wanting to show off their home stereo systems.  The arrangements and musicianship are impeccable, and the recordings sound amazing.  The packaging of these LP’s was even deluxe–very nice gatefold covers with extensive liner notes, often going as far as including technical data.

All in all it’s the total package–hip music combined with a real engineering high point, all in great packaging.  Total class all the way.  It makes a CD seem kind of cold in comparison.  Imagine putting this record on your brand new hi-fi system and enjoy! (Details: Command RS 800/ grey label/first pressing)

Persuasive Percussion — I’m in the Mood for Love

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  1. Erin says:

    Groovy! I especially like the first 30 seconds. “Bachelor pad” is a great name for it.

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