Neil Young — Harvest

This Neil Young classic was recorded right here in Nashville in 1971 at Quad.  Very popular at the time it was released, the sounds and playing style found here have also proven to be a lasting influence.  This record has become a touchstone for the roots rock and Americana world.  It includes a couple of his most well known songs, “Old Man” and “Heart of Gold”, but my favorite is the opening track “Out On The Weekend”, which you can hear below.  Check out the spare, funky groove from Kenny Buttrey (dr) and Tim Drummond (bs).

This copy is a nice first pressing with the “textured” gatefold cover, the lyric insert, and clean vinyl.  The vinyl sounds better than the CD copy that I’ve had for years.  The vocals are richer, drums sound more realistic, low end is stronger, and on the whole is more engaging than the CD, which is sort of flat sounding in comparison.

(Details: Reprise MS 2032)

Neil Young — Out On The Weekend

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