Modern Jazz Quartet (self titled)

Through some other collector friends I’ve learned a bit about European pressings of US releases–but it’s still pretty new to me.  From what I can gather this is the “original” UK pressing of 1957’s The Modern Jazz Quartet (Atlantic 1265).  It’s a clean copy that sounds excellent and the music is fantastic.  Milt Jackson (vb), John Lewis (p), Percy Heath (bs), and Connie Kay (dr) are in fine form as always–Jackson’s “Bags Groove” is included below.

(Details: London LTZ-K.15136/mono/deepgroove/matrix: AML-1072-1B )

Modern Jazz Quartet — Bag’s Groove

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4 Responses to Modern Jazz Quartet (self titled)

  1. After years of us poaching your Blue Notes and Prestiges, Tim, seems only fair you should pick up some of our UK 1st pressings of same. But be warned, this offer is limited to a maximum of two records per customer. And even that is dependent on your renouncing the Declaration of Independence.

    The London releases are pressed by Decca, New Malden. I know it doesn’t sound as fonky as Plastylite Noo Joisy, but thats the way we do things here, quietly understated. If you have never been to New Malden, its like prescription meds for people with difficulty sleeping . However Decca does a great job, one of the best, and always consistent. And no funny stuff like cutting the vinyl with Rice Krispies like Prestige, Snap Crackle Pop.

    Good choice, Tim, good choice.

    • vinyltim says:

      Thank you for the info—this is a nice one for sure that sounds quite good. There were some other UK and European pressings in the same group that will probably be up on the blog in the coming months.

  2. dottorjazz says:

    MJQ music is quiet, elegant and swinging.
    a different approach in small group arrangement and improvisation.
    this original has become a standard and shines brightly even without horn stars.
    it’s great music.

    • vinyltim says:

      When I first checked it out years ago I liked it, but it was a bit subdued for my taste. Now I really enjoy it and want to dig deeper into their catalog.

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