Miles Davis — The New Miles Davis Quintet

Here’s a nice original pressing.  It was recorded in November 1956 by Rudy Van Gelder several weeks after his first session for Columbia, which would become “Round About Midnight”.  This is nearly a year prior to the sessions that would complete his contractual obligation to Prestige with the albums Relaxin’ (see 9/13 post), Workin’, Steamin’, and Cookin’.  It features the same group: Davis, Coltrane (ts), Red Garland (p), Paul Chambers (bs), and Philly Joe Jones (dr).                                                               (Details: Prestige PRLP 7014/W.50th NYC/RVG/deepgroove)

Miles Davis — Stablemates

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4 Responses to Miles Davis — The New Miles Davis Quintet

  1. dottorjazz says:

    i’m having a look to my collection, as I do every year: yesterday I came across Davis on prestige.
    a question that remains unsolved is: why address on back cover changed from 446 West 50th to 447 West 50th, remaining 446 on label.
    my first Davis are 446: 7007, 7012, 7013, 7014, 7025; then 7034 and 7044 are 447; 7054 is 446 again.
    from 7076 on always 447.
    in many years I’ve never found 7034 and 7044 as 446, but this could be misfortune only.
    anyone who has these two numbers in 446 on back cover?

    • vinyltim says:

      This one is 446 on label and 447 on back cover. It also has quartet on the label instead of quintet—strange!

  2. (Nice rip Tim. Really must get my act together on this front)
    My Prestige original collection is so miniscule I can’t comment on the addresses issue. I think I have only two NY address titles.

    • vinyltim says:

      Thanks. It can be time consuming if it’s more than one track, but it’s worth it.

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