Miles Davis feat. Sonny Rollins — Dig

Released in 1956, this is the first 12″ LP release of Davis’ October 1951 session for Prestige.  Sonny Rollins and Jackie MeLean join the leader on the front line and Walter Bishop (p), Tommy Potter (bs), and Art Blakey (dr) are in the rhythm section.

Often seen with a blue cover, this grey cover version is the first pressing.  It has the W.50th St. address, deepgroove label, and the Van Gelder stamp.  It shows a fair amount of wear, nothing ugly, but it has been played a lot.  Luckily, like many of these old pressings, it sounds very good despite the wear–better than it looks if you know what I mean.  I don’t know why, but they definitely don’t press them like they used to.

(Details: Prestige PRLP 7012/W.50th NYC/deepgroove/RVG)

Miles Davis — Dig

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5 Responses to Miles Davis feat. Sonny Rollins — Dig

  1. Tony says:

    Nice little bit of history you have. Music and cover both.

  2. Michel Jazz says:

    Indeed they dont press them like in the old days. I got a few weeks ago Cookin and Milestones first press from my record store for free because the covers look crappy but also the vinyl was full of scratches. I played them both at home… sure their was some noise but it still has some power.
    Crazy vinyl if you asked me.
    I got the same cover like yours mine is a japanese press but a year ago it has the signature of Sonny Rollins on it. He also remembered the first suite (see cover) of Miles and makes Sonny smiles when he talked about it…

    • vinyltim says:

      @ Tony: Thanks–glad to have it…

      @ Michel: Nice score for free….
      Keep in mind when I say that it sounds very good, I mean that it’s very good for a 1951 session–recordings from that time have limitations for sure–more to the point, I was pleasantly surprised at how little surface noise it had considering how it looked. It’s crazy how much better LPs from this era were pressed–I’ve run into this phenomenon again and again. Glad you had some good luck with that too!

  3. Michel Jazz says:

    Yep, these ones looked also as someone prepared his sandwiches on the vinyl… but still sounded pretty hot, but offcourse there was background noise. I got the same albums on japanese vinyl and those sounded much better….

  4. dottorjazz says:

    many of the 50’s jazz recordings, Blue Note, Prestige, Riverside, despite wear, sound much better than they look. I’ve got some, visually abused, that sound really good.
    anyway I prefer first issues than any reissue.
    for “no defect” music we’ve got cd’s.

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