Marvin Gaye — Super Hits

This is an excellent collection of Marvin Gaye’s early Motown hits.  It was released in 1970 and includes various singles released between 1962 and 1969.  Although I enjoy digging into albums to find the deep cuts, it’s sometimes nice to grab a compilation and have all the great stuff in one place.  The Motown catalog of this era can often be this way because it was much more focused on singles than full albums.

I’ve listened to this record hundreds of times.  There was a cassette copy in the family car growing up and I’ve had it on CD forever.  In addition to a clean LP copy I recently found, I also have my father’s original, which is pictured here….

When my home was burglarized a couple of years ago the police officers walked through and took an inventory of everything that was stolen.  At one point an officer stopped by the turntable, looked at the record on it and said “Well, at least they didn’t take Marvin Gaye Super Hits”.


Marvin Gaye — That’s the Way Love Is

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  1. You were fortunate ne’er do wells rarely have any taste. (If I was ever “burglarized” and all they took were the Blue Note original mono pressings on NY labels and earlier that were VG+ or better, I can probably give the police the ip address of the most likely suspects!)

    • vinyltim says:

      They did take some DVDs of very dry comedy–The Office UK, Dr.Katz Professional Therapist etc…I’m sure it wasn’t as funny as they’d hoped.

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