Jr.Walker and the All Stars — Road Runner

This 1966 release was loaded with 2 big hits for the group, the title cut, and a “cover” (Holland/Dozier/Holland tune–Marvin Gaye already had a hit with it) of “How Sweet It Is”.  Going beyond those is well worth it.  There are several standout tracks, most notably the last song on the LP, the instrumental “Mutiny”.  It’s an exceptional James Jamerson (bs) performance that includes some funky 2-beat, walking, and a very rare solo. (Details: Motown/Soul SS 703)



Jr.Walker & the All Stars — Mutiny

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2 Responses to Jr.Walker and the All Stars — Road Runner

  1. Ron Eoff says:

    ….have mercy!!…… there was a Mutiny……and Mr. Jamerson definitely “walked” the plank……1st time hearing this one for me…….very cool

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