John Coltrane — Giant Steps

Sorry the blog has been quiet, I’ll be back at it this week. I just finished doing several vinyl transfers for this week’s posts…

First up is an original stereo pressing of John Coltrane’s masterpiece “Giant Steps”. Assembled from three different 1959 sessions and released in January 1960, the bulk of this was recorded at the same time Coltrane was working on another iconic record, “Kind of Blue” with his boss, Miles Davis. This is a must-have, containing several standards and bridging the gap between 50’s hard bop and the more modern jazz forms of the 1960’s. Tommy Flanagan (p), Paul Chambers (bass–and namesake of the track below), and Art Taylor (dr) round out the group for the bulk of the LP. Wynton Kelly (p) and Jimmy Cobb (dr) appear on the ballad “Naima”.

From what I’ve read, this “bullseye” label is the first stereo pressing. The first pressing (mono) is a black label, but there are no copies of this release with the stereo (green) label of that era. I’m not exactly sure of the timeline, but it seems that this “bullseye” label was only used for a short period of time soon after this LP was released, so it’s still an early pressing. (Details: Atlantic 1311/”bullseye” label)

John Coltrane — Mr.PC

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  1. Sounds really – I’m still chasing a sensibly priced decent original copy – they are hard to come by and even a VG- copy sold quickly tonight on ebay. I was offered a near mint for £250 – no way I said, but it sold very shortly later. People will kill for this iconic album.

    • vinyltim says:

      Hard to come by for sure–I’m lucky to have this. Prior to this copy I had (still have) and late 60s/early 70s pressing that sounded pretty good too. Also just got the Rhino 2x45rpm reissue from a few years ago–will do a comparison soon.

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