Horace Silver Quintet — The Sylings of Silver

This 1957 release includes five Horace Silver compositions, one standard, and a great combo featuring Silver (p), Art Farmer (tp), Hank Mobley (ts), Teddy Kotick (bs), and Louis Hayes (dr).  Both the cover (nm) and LP (ex) are in great condition and it sounds fantastic. (Details: Blue Note BLP 1562/47W.63rdNYC/DGx2/RVG/”p”)

Horace Silver — The Back Beat

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2 Responses to Horace Silver Quintet — The Sylings of Silver

  1. One of Art Farmers very few Blue Note outings as I recall. Oh my those 47West 63rds, don’t they sound good? A Nice Jackie McLean 47W63 I had my eye on today closed at over £200. Seems to be the new benchmark, so I won’t be adding many more.

    • vinyltim says:

      It really does sound great, but it’s often expensive territory for a record buyer.

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