Herbie Hancock — Sextant


Ok, so 6+5+8….I guess that makes it funk in 19/8….no big deal for Herbie Hancock and his “Mwandishi-era” group.  Sextant is a dense, funky, and decidedly electronic record that was the last for this group and immediately preceded the very successful Headhunters album and group, which debuted in fall 1973.  Although I’m a big fan of the”Headhunters” band, it’s been great to dig into the “Mwandishi” stuff.   It mixes jazz, rock, and funk in a way that reminds me of Bitches Brew and In A Silent Way, but developed beyond that and embraces even more electronic influence.  Compared to Headhunters it’s far less commercial and challenging at times, but I find it to be very compelling music.

(Details: Columbia KC 32212)

Herbie Hancock — Hidden Shadows

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2 Responses to Herbie Hancock — Sextant

  1. Tony says:

    Has sort of a psychedelic feel to it, doesn’t it?

    • vinyltim says:

      Sure–particularly the last (there are 3) track on the album. The opening track is very electronic, and “Hidden Shadows” is sort of in between. All recorded in San Francisco in 1972.

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