Funkadelic (self titled)

This is the debut album from Funkadelic, released in 1970 on Detroit’s Westbound label.  It’s the first Funkadelic LP I ever heard (in fact, this is my fathers copy), and it’s always been my favorite.  It has a much more psychedelic/r&b thing to it than what it would become as the 70’s progressed.  I enjoy some of that too, but this is where it’s at for me. It’s similar to The Temptations music of the same era, though this is much looser and experimental.

Eddie Hazel (gt), along with Tiki Fullwood (dr) and Billy “Bass” Nelson are tearing it up on the first track, “Mommy, What’s a Funkadelic”….this is where funk and psychedelia meet!  Sadly, Hazel and Fullwood are not with us anymore, but Nelson is, and I actually got to meet him briefly.  I had heard for years that he spent time here in Nashville, but had never seen him around.  Last year I was playing a show with a songwriter at a street festival in the early afternoon on a Saturday.  As I was packing up my bass, Billy “Bass” Nelson came up to the stage and introduced himself to me.  We chatted for a few minutes, and he was nice and very complimentary. I told him that I had been into this record since I was a teenager and dug his playing, and he was as humble as could be.  A cool meeting with a great musician who is on some influential records.

(Details: Westbound WB 2000)

Funkadelic — Mommy, What’s a Funkadelic_

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