Eric Dolphy — At the Five Spot (Vol.2)

Rudy Van Gelder recorded this live set featuring Eric Dolphy’s quintet for Prestige in July 1961. Booker Little (tp), Mal Waldron (p), Richard Davis (bs), and Ed Blackwell (dr) round out the group for this record, which includes only two tracks, each filling a full side of an LP.  The music is exciting, aggressive, and experimental, ready to break apart at the seams at any second.  Ed Blackwell is particularly happening–very interactive and swinging hard–definitely pushing the whole ensemble.

I think that this is the first pressing, but I’m not completely sure.  Everything points to that–Bergenfield NJ address, yellow and black label, van gelder stamp–but there is no deepgroove.  This is getting close to the point when they changed to the blue label, maybe in the late yellow/black era there was not always a deepgroove?  Or maybe this is a slightly later pressing using an old label?  If anyone has any thoughts on this or a copy of their own to compare, please comment.  Either way, it’s a pretty clean early copy of some compelling music.

(Details: Prestige PRLP 7294/Bergenfield NJ/yellow+black/Van Gelder)

Eric Dolphy — Aggression

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4 Responses to Eric Dolphy — At the Five Spot (Vol.2)

  1. dottorjazz says:

    this is one of my sad surprises while exploring my collection again: my copy is no deep groove but, according to popsike, it should have.
    I have no evidence about deep groove, because I have not followed this record recently, what I’m gonna do in the future.
    maybe, and I hope it’s true, your interpretation is correct. otherwise I couldn’t consider my Dolphy collection all-original.
    and that WAS important for me.

    • vinyltim says:

      I think you could be ok on this one. It seems likely to me that they were using non-dg stampers this late. I posted this question on a couple forums and got a couple responses……
      -one that he bought his copy new directly from Prestige when it came out and that it was no dg
      -another that, like Blue Note, Prestige was using non-dg stampers for new releases by this time.

      Popsike was inconclusive to me. DG was sometimes mentioned, but I found that it was much more often NOT mentioned at all–and it was hard to tell from the pics available.

      I’d like a few more opinions, but I feel good about it.

      • I don’t have anywhere near enough original Prestiges to make a comparison, but the address on label is consistent with first press (above cat no 7140 and NJ) and my nearest cat no to this – 7281 – also has no DG.

        My money is on it being an original 1st, by I’m no expert.

        • vinyltim says:

          Thanks for checking out yours to compare. That’s a pretty close catalog #.
          Agreed–I feel good about this being a first press–that’s what all the opinions point toward so far. It makes sense logically too, but record collecting is not always that way!

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