Eddie Harris — The Reason Why I’m Talking Shit

I’d heard a couple snippets from this album, but never seen it in person.  Clips from it have traveled around a bit in the musician community.  There is little music other than some funky interludes, it’s all between song banter–essentially a comedy LP.  I like Eddie Harris and like comedy, so I decided to find a copy online.  I snagged a copy easily and cheaply, and while some parts are funnier than others, it gives a look into what sitting in the audience of a mid-70’s Eddie Harris show was like.  Two of my favorites are included below.

(Details: Atlantic SD 18165)

Eddie Harris — The Next Band

Eddie Harris — Eddie Atlantic

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2 Responses to Eddie Harris — The Reason Why I’m Talking Shit

  1. Kellie Conn says:

    That’s one cool mf.

  2. vinyltim says:

    He really was.

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