Curtis Counce — You Get More Bounce With…

Not only is this my favorite album cover, the music is good too.  More great west coast jazz with excellent playing from the whole group, particularly Harold Land (ts) and Frank Butler (dr).  As usual, it’s a nice sounding mono pressing on Contemporary, recorded over the course of several sessions in 1956 and 1957 by engineer Roy DuNann. (Details: Contemporary    C 3539/mono/yellow deepgroove/D1-D1 matrix)



Curtis Counce — Complete

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2 Responses to Curtis Counce — You Get More Bounce With…

  1. This seems somehow familiar Tim, can’t quite place where I have seen it, but I know it was recently…
    Great record AND great cover – good of you to post the complete,if I got that right. That is a seriously cool proposition for streaming.

    • vinyltim says:

      Thanks–yeah, we both got a good one at the same time! Sadly, it’s not the whole LP, that’s just one track.

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