Charlie Parker All-Stars Vol.2 10″

Here are some Charlie Parker sessions from 1947 cut for the Dial label.  This is the rarest 10″LP in my collection so far, and it’s important music that I’m fortunate to have in this early format.  As far as I can tell this is the first release of this music.  Some other 10″ LPs in my collection are reissues of music that originally came out on 78.

The vinyl has its share of light marks and wear, but it plays through fine and sounds solid for the era.  The cover is quite nice, but 2 seams are split.  There are a couple different groups on the record, but the opening track “Relaxing At Camrillo”, which is included below, employs the group listed on the A-side label.

(Details: Dial 202/10″ LP)

Charlie Parker — Relaxing At Camrillo

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2 Responses to Charlie Parker All-Stars Vol.2 10″

  1. Good stuff Tim, you have something quite special there! A lot of Parker is just so poorly recorded, field recordings, but this sounds great. Look after those 10″s. Got to love them.

    • vinyltim says:

      Thanks–yeah, lucky to have it. So you checked out the sound clip–it’s a good sounding VG to you as well? It has some noise but still sounds quite good to me.

      I’ve said this on a couple forums, but I’ll add it here too–I consider a 10″ in VG condition a success. Most of what I’ve ended up with have been VG- or trashed, with a handful being a cleaner VG+ or better. I would guess that between the age and the players used in the 50’s, many ended up in rough shape.

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