Charles Mingus — Jazz Portraits


Mingus’ Jazz Portraits was recorded in 1959 in NYC with an excellent quintet including John Handy (as), Booker Ervin (ts), Richard Wyands (p), and Dannie Richmond (dr).  The music is exciting, interactive, and energetic throughout–particularly the opening track, which is included below.  It’s filled with tempo changes, stops and starts, inventive playing all around.  I find myself returning over and over again to Mingus’ music and I’m always hearing something new–it’s always fresh.

This is an early second pressing on United Artists.  Both the cover and (mono) vinyl are in excellent shape and it’s a very good sounding LP.

(Details: United Artists UAL 4078/mono/black label)

Charles Mingus — Nostalgia In Times Square (mono)

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2 Responses to Charles Mingus — Jazz Portraits

  1. Mingus is the gift that goes on giving. Booker Ervin is tremendous. This is a classic. Every time you move on, learn from what you have heard, you can always come back to Mingus and find more.

  2. vinyltim says:

    Absolutely. Other music, even stuff that I like very much, doesn’t seem to have that in the same way.

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