Bob James — One

Embrace CTI records, you know you want to….

They always seemed to be far too commercial for jazz fans, and too smooth for people who like funk and r&b.  I was aware of them, but never really got into it and didn’t know too many of their releases. I have recently acquired several through buying record collections and have found that while those criticisms may be partly true, there is a lot to like–always great musicians, they sounds excellent (often engineered by Rudy Van Gelder), and very nice gatefold covers.  I’ll be looking for more.


This is a good place to start–Bob James’ 1974 LP “One”.  The cover of Roberta Flack’s hit “Feel Like Makin’ Love” (written by Eugene McDaniels) is a killer track.  The great Idris Muhammad on drums helps, right?

Enjoy it, let it happen….(Details: CTI 6043)

Bob James — Feel Like Makin’ Love

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