Average White Band — AWB

1974’s Average White Band LP AWB has the classic jam “Pick Up The Pieces”, but if you leave the record on you’ll hear the killer track that follows it, “Person To Person”.  There you’ll hear some more Scottish funk and some really exceptional drumming from Robbie McIntosh, who died tragically the month after this record was released.

(Details: Atlantic SD 7308)

Average White Band — Person To Person

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2 Responses to Average White Band — AWB

  1. Crikey, Tim, a fine timewarp you’ve got us into, I’ll just slip into my flares – damn, they don’t fit any more. (The only things from my 70’s wardobe that still fits is a scarf, and that’s a bit tight) What’s coming up next, Eric Clapton I shot the Sherif? Cracking band, AWB, my missus saw them native in Scotland at the time. Amazing how well they have worn over time. Good choice.

    • vinyltim says:

      Very cool–you got to see them when it was current and happening. Great band, and like you said, has worn well.

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