Art Blakey Quintet — A Night at Birdland Vol.1

This Blue Note 10″ LP was Art Blakey’s first for the label in 1954.  The band is stellar: Blakey, Clifford Brown (tp), Lou Donaldson (as), Horace Silver (p), and Curly Russell (bs). (Details: Blue Note BLP 5037/10″ LP/767 Lex Ave./DG/”p”)

Art Blakey Quintet — Split Kick

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4 Responses to Art Blakey Quintet — A Night at Birdland Vol.1

  1. Lou Donaldson was really good at this early time. He got lost somewhere, following the soul jazz way, but here he is a first class Bebopper.

    • vinyltim says:

      Absolutely. I like his funk and soul jazz stuff too (I’m a fan of that style in general), but his straightahead playing is wonderful for sure.

  2. dottorjazz says:

    don’t know why but I never bought 12″: I really love the complete 3×10″ series.
    My idea ’bout Lou is the same as LC’s: great in the 50’s weak in the 60’s.
    at Birdland Brownie was god indeed.

  3. vinyltim says:

    I’d love to have the other 10″s, it’s a great set…..Although I like trumpet just fine, it’s not my favorite. I really dig Clifford Brown’s playing on these sessions–pretty amazing. A snapshot of a real high point.

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