Ahmad Jamal — At the Pershing “But Not For Me”

Recorded live in concert January 1958, this record and it’s hit “Poinciana” made Ahmad Jamal and his trio quite popular.  I recently reread Miles Davis’ autobiography and he mentioned several times how much he enjoyed his playing, and how his sense of space influenced him.  The music on this LP is tightly arranged, but not at all stiff–airy but not too light–unique for the time and still fresh today.  Jamal is beautifully accompanied by Israel Crosby (bs) and Vernell Fournier (dr), showing impressive range and sensitivity throughout.

I’ve enjoyed this on CD for years, and was excited to pick it up on vinyl last summer.  Sadly, it was an online purchase that turned out to be a bit overgraded, but still an enjoyable listen.  I’ll probably look for a NM copy soon, which I should be able to snag fairly inexpensively.  I’m not sure if this is the first pressing, but I suspect it’s at least an early one if not the first.  Argo had several labels at this time with this same design in various colors. Please comment if you have any info.

(Details: Argo LP 628/mono/deepgroove)

Ahmad Jamal — Poinciana

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2 Responses to Ahmad Jamal — At the Pershing “But Not For Me”

  1. Phil says:

    I’m afraid I don’t have any I formation for you about Argo, and I have an Argo pressing of Meet the Jazztet with a similar color label. I was very excited about getting it because I thought it might be a first pressing, but come to find mine doesn’t have a deep groove – more like a ridge. It also have four different matrix codes, one of which is machine stamped. There’s also an additional code listed on the label under the “LP-” number that starts with a U. I’m not sure if you know what I happen to have, but I have a feeling that the two Argos on your blog are pretty darn early.

  2. vinyltim says:

    I agree. Between the label design, color, deepgroove, and vinyl weight they seem to be early.

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